[Civil] Emil Smith V. LASD

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Plaintiff: Emil Smith
Defendant: LASD

I. Statement of Claim
Mr Emil swith was a participant in a rally race event ran by the LASD. The LASD did not make any atendees sign any kind of waiver and did not inform about dangerous animals in the area. The track was very unstable. AS a result Mr Smith rolled down the side of a mountain in his vehicle, with unrepairable damage done to it.

Mr Smith had a fractured collarbone and also fractured 2 of his ribs from when the car rolled down the side of the mountain. Mr Smith also got a serious bite from a mountain lion he tried to run from when his vehicle came to a stop, due to breakdown.

II. Damages
$196,000 - Lawyer Fees, Vehicle Repairs & Medical Fees

III. Representative for the Plaintiff
Harvey Hunt

IIII. Evidence
Joi Jenkins - Witness
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No judge has taken this within the time frame required, considered dismissed.
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