[Criminal] The State v. Marshall Austin

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Defendant: Marshall Austin

I. Statement of Charges

Sergeant Elias Wood (Badge #233) with the California Highway Patrol initiated a traffic stop on Marshall Austin for a petty traffic infraction; running a red light, the location of the stop was in a parking lot adjacent to lower power street. Marshall and Sergeant Wood exchanged identification and proceeded with the stop as regularly advised. After a miscommunication between Sergeant Wood and Marshall Austin, Marshall proceeded to exit the site of the traffic stop as Sergeant Wood placed Marshall under the impression that he was free to leave. Sergeant Wood chased the pink Feltzer off the scene (occupied by Marshall Austin). While in hot pursuit Elias Wood verbally ordered Marshall to stop the vehicle, Marshall had no physical way to hear or obey the command amidst the chase, Elias Wood was aware of this and proceeded to stack charges when the verbal command to pull over is clearly defined to be encompassed in the evading arrest charge. Marshall was brought into custody with a Skorpion Vz. 61 in his possession (Class II Weapon). Despite the clear definition of weapon classes, clearly stating the weapon involved to be a class II weapon, Elias Wood ignored this protocol and charged my client with Possession of an Illegal Weapon Class 3.

II. Charges List

Evading Arrest
Illegal Weapon Class 3
Failure to Obey a Lawful Command

III. Representative of the Defendant

E&S Law Corp. - Joseph Esposito

IV. Evidence

Requesting the body cam footage of Elias Wood
Remaining evidence will be withheld until pre-trial
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Samuel Perry will be presiding over this case.
Samuel Perry, Associate Judge, Superior Court of California
Alexander Wright - County of Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney
410 Christopher Warhawk - Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Captain
CID LT. Commander
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