[Criminal] The State v. Reggie Biggums

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Defendant: Reggie Biggums

I. Statement of Charges

"I was stopped by an officer 1 hour prior to when I was arrested for the same reason. They claimed that I had a warrant out for my arrest. So they put guns to me and told me to get out of the car with my hands up. I complied, and was very confused on why this was happening. They then said I had a warrant out for my arrest with those charges. I was very confused on why because I did not rob a bank they said the warrant was put out on the 6/6/2019. I told them that they must have had the wrong guy. They went to talk to each other and they came back to me and said their must be something wrong and they let me go. The officer said they will talk to the officer who put the warrant out. The only officer I know that was their was Riley West and some CID agent. I was later stopped by Elias wood and he arrested me and he sent me to jail for those charges, I tried telling him about what happened and hour before. I told them to communicate to officer about what happened earlier but did not listen to me. Keep in mind I have been pulled over multiple times between now and the 6 and they have not said anything about it."

Arresting Officer: Elias Wood 223

II. Charges List

Assault on LEO (With Intent)x3
Armed Robbery
Illegal weapon Class 2
Illegal Weapon Class 3
Reckless Felony Evading
Felony Drug Possession

Fines and Times: 35 months and $10,000

III. Representative of the Defendant

J&M Enterprises - Jimothy Jones
J&M Enterprises - Bob Mosley Sr.

IV. Evidence

Witness - Riley West
Witness - Frank Spector

Obtaining more evidence, will submit during/before pretrial.
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Lawrence Higgins will be over seeing this case.
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