[Civil] Lamar Shores v. Reggie Biggums

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Plaintiff: Reggie Biggums
Defendant: Lamar Shores

I. Statement of Claim
"I was on a walk from Legion to Pill Box Hospital, when I was half way there, there was a crime scene so I stayed to the left side of the sidewalk. A officer started talking to me and was saying this is a crime scene stay back so I did and kept walking. I decided to put my hands up so they would not mistake me for someone else. I kept walking and their was another officer that was a little bit up the hill he had an AR out and just starting shooting right beside me for no reason, like we where 10 feet apart and was shooting in front of me and at a car for absolutely no reason. I began to keep walking and another officer shows up with my hands still up he gets out of the car and points his AR at me so I decided to run back the way I cam because I was scared to death from being nearly shot and for having guns pointed at me. "

II. Damages
$500,000 for Lawyer Fees & Mental Traumatization

III. Representative for the Plaintiff
Pax Stellan

IIII. Evidence
With-held until pretrial
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Lawrence Higgins will be over seeing this case.
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