[Criminal] The State v. Sam Sparks, Ryan Handle, and William Fogle

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Criminal Action

Defendant: Sam Sparks, Ryan Handle, and William Fogle

I. Statement of Charges

Badge 304 Karl Franz called Sam Sparks, Ryan Handle, and William Fogle down to MRPD for questioning in relation to an Armed Robbery of the Jewelery Store. Officers arrested and charged for the robbery while my clients denied responsibility. Karl Franz conducted questioning of all three suspects without providing Miranda Rights

II. Charges List

Attempted Murder of LEO (4x)
Armed Robbery
$75,000 fines and 60 Months for Sam and Ryan with $50,000 and 50 months for William

III. Representative of the Defendant
J&M Enterprises Bob Mosley Sr and Jimothy Jones

IV. Evidence

Subpoena for Karl Franz Body Camera
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Lawrence Higgins will be over seeing this case.
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