[Civil] Alisandra and Steve Spicoli v. Karl Franz

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Plaintiff: Alisandra and Steve Spicoli
Defendant: 304 | Karl Franz

I. Statement of Claim

We were sitting at the courthouse when a fight broke out and Franz attempted to subdue the suspect that he was wildly swinging very close to our group of innocent bystanders in our seats when his baton struck Steve in the head and he slumped over in his seat. There are multiple witnesses to this even including the judge and the DA and I'm sure all the other officers on scene. Then Franz didn't even bother making sure he was okay because he was so worried about the suspect that the other 4 or so Police Officers could have handled and left him bleeding. He is so traumatized by the event that when I have my own hair in a pony tail and I'm cooking dinner, lifting the pan sends him into a trauma induced panic attack.

II. Damages

2.5 Mil for hospital visits due to having a concussion and visits with a therapist for being so traumatized by the situation (batons and ponytails)
Steve is also seeking to use medical marijuana to combat the long lasting PTSD and headaches he may get. By this request, he would like an extended amount of carriage of marijuana.

III. Representative for the Plaintiff

J&M Enterprises - Jimothy Jones
J&M Enterprises - Bob Mosley Sr.

IV. Evidence

Video from the courtroom: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/433796470

(My video doesn't actually show it happening and I am not aware of anyone else other than Chavez that was recording; It would still be on video ICly)
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Samuel Perry will be presiding over this case.
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