[civil] CHP v, Weh

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Hesus Weh v. California Highway Patrol

Civil Action

Plaintiff: Hesus Weh
Defendant: California Highway Patrol

I. Statement of Claim
My client, Hesus Weh, was fleeing from officers on his dirt-bike. The primary officer (210) B. Gannon,
and another officer pincered/pit his bike in the tunnle near pillbox, causing my client to fly off the
bike. This was after the primary officer in the chase, B. Gannon bumped into the dirt bike from behind
a few moments earlyer. The officer also made multiple attempts to cut off the dirtbike by speeding
faster than the bike, in opposite lanes of travel, and swerving infront of a bike going roughly 60 miles per
hour. This lawsuit is to recover money for the damages my client has suffered, and for the neglagince on
the department part for allowing such dangerous pits/bumps/cutoffs on a fleeing bike.
The only people who could have been harmed in this pursuit, was my client.

II. Damages
2,000,000 for the violations of my clients rights, and damages from making my client fly from his bike from the pincer/pit-manuver

III. Representative for the Plaintiff
Sammy Falcon

IIII. Evidence
Subpoena officers involved in the chase bodycam, 210
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