[Civil] Chris Cube v. LAPD and L. Writtle

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Civil Action

Plaintiff: Chris cube
Defendant: Lee Writtle

I. Statement of Claim
Over the course of two week my client has been constantly harass by Mr. Writtle . Mr. Writtle has been abusing his powers as police officer to lock up my client for a little as possible. Recently my client license was revoked and vehicle impounded for a traffic infraction. He has also been jailed for calling 911 once and fined by Mr. Writtle. Mr. Writtle has cause a emotional distress and financial burden on my client.

II. Damages
100k for tow fee
250k laywer fee
350k lost wage
750k unlawful imprisonment
350k for fines
50k uber cost
1.5 mil for emotional distress

III. Representative for the Plaintiff
IIII. Evidence
With held
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