[Civil] Jermaine White v. LAPD and Trent Powers

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Plaintiff: Jermaine White
Defendant: LAPD / Trent Powers

I. Statement of Claim

Jermaine was assisting a friend in ending a hostage situation peacefully with no one being injured. No officers were shot and he was helping by out numbering the Police who were progressing and going to shoot a visiting Canadian Citizen. While Jermaine helped convince everyone to leave peacefully (using a large firearm) he attempted to get away and was shot in the back while on a motorcycle by multiple LAPD officers and medical reports of the recovered bullet determined the most serious wounding round came from Trent Powers of the LAPD.

II. Damages

$1,000,000 in medical, Stress, Rehab, Underwear (soiled during incident)

III. Representative for the Plaintiff

Jermaine White

IIII. Evidence

Subpeona for Bodycam footage of Officer. N. Rockford
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