[Civil] Tass v. LAPD & CHP

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Plaintiff: Tyler Tass
Defendant: LAPD & CHP

I. Statement of Claim
Tyler Tass was shot at with a automatic firearm. Police soon arrived on scene where Styker was screaming for help. The officer that showed up, that Tass believes to be Ghaz and a second riding along, arrived in a LAPD vehicle. A second vehicle, CHP, soon after showed up on the scene. Then another, totaling 3 cruisers. With 4 or more officers on scene.
Each officer left my client bleeding on the ground to die and chased after the leaving motorcycle. My client passed out from blood loss, multiple civilians phoned the police, no answer. Long after, officer 286 (Dimitri) came and gave first aid to my client, then took him to pillbox.

II. Damages
Medical, Negligence, Mental ($10,000,000)

III. Representative for the Plaintiff
David McLaw

IIII. Evidence
Witnesses (Ghaz, Dimitri, Marcus Brown)
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