[Criminal] Jermaine White v. Jax Gunner

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Defendant: Jermaine White

I. Statement of Charges
Unlawful arrest/No Miranda Rights/No Access to lawyer. The defendant was not given his basic 5th and 14th Amendment rights when being charged. When pulled over, the defendant had a large gash on his forehead and was unconscious. The officer used smelling salts to wake up the defendant before ensuring he was in a stable state to be conscious. Once the defendant was conscious, the officer took him to Pillbox Medical Center without ensuring the defendant was ready for transport.

II. Charges List
Aiding and Abetting, Felony Reckless Evading

III. Damages Sought
$400,000 for the potential inability to never walk again due to the lack of care provided by the officer.

IV. Representative of the Defendant
Jimothy Jones

V. Evidence
Withheld until pre-trial.
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